Peterson FHE

Thanks to everyone that showed up to the FHE last night. We had a blast having you over. I couldn’t get the camera out early enough to get pictures of everybody, but I did catch Sharilyn throwing down some mean drumming…

You cab lick below to see some more pics…

Peterson FHE

3 Responses

  1. Sorry we missed last night. Looks like we missed lots of fun.

  2. Hey Brigett, it’s Courtney (Juber). I found your blog through Bridget and Dustins and just had to say hi! The last few days I have come in contact with so many from high school. I guess the 10 year reunion thing is spreading like wild fire. Can you believe its been that long? Crazy! Our blog site is, stop on by. Court

  3. you have such a cute fam! glad to see things are going good! (got your blog off of the highland site!) tim says hi!

    take care,

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