Finally Swimming!

Okay, so after six straight weeks of swim lessons for Koen, and four weeks for the girls, three of the four Martineau children are now swimming (Braden only thinks he can swim)!!  I can’t tell you how relieved I am!  Koen took his first two-week swim lesson from Ms. Heather and then all three kids went to Ms. Katie for the following four weeks!  I can’t say that having three swim lessons a day was fun for mom, but in the end all of the driving back and forth (thank goodness it was close) and sitting in the “way too hot” heat paid off!  Maddie is quite the swimmer.  She has mastered her butterfly, breast stroke and back stroke.  Now she just needs to teach mom how to swim!  Peyton, oh sweet Peyton!  She finally started closing her mouth and not swallowing all of the water.  The first week she went from throwing up in the pool, to getting out of the pool and doing it on the side!  What a sport!  Oh, but when she finally learned how to hold her breath and to get her rear in the air, she started moving and began swimming!  Koen, was also quite the swimmer!  He was the only one not crying in his class for the first week!  He loves the water and after many “Monkey Walks”, “Kabooms” and “Big Arms and Kicks”, he too is swimming!  Way to go Maddie, Peyton and Koen!

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  1. Brigett, I finally found a way to connect with you. I have thought about you and the “girls” so many times and never knew how to get ahold of you. The other day I was going through some old pics and found the one of you and me and Calli at my bridal shower and realized I don’t think I have seen or talked to any of you since my wedding it seems. You have a beautful family. I hope that you check this often enough to see my post. We have a family blog it is check it out when you have a chance. So good to see some pics of you and your cute family.

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