Taking My First Steps!

So, when dad was at work today and only mom was around, I decided to take my first steps!  Not just one, but four!  Mom couldn’t believe it!  I was in the kitchen playing in the cupboards and then just decided to stand up and show off my stuff!  I think I’ll have it down before too long!

More family pics…

We took some family pics last week and we just got them back. You can check them out here:

Martineau Family

Braden is crawling…

The Loot – 2007

Well, the madness has come and gone…well, it is still lingering a bit, but you get the idea… I think Santa may have had to rearrange his travel plans around our house. Braden is apparently too young to use the “Santa won’t come if you don’t go to sleep” threat and decided he wanted to stay up half the night. Anyway, here are some pics of the kids with some of their loot.
This year Maddie has been into High School Musical and Music. She was pretty excited to get her purple ipod loaded with High School Musical 1 and 2 as well as Hannah Montana and Hilary Duff. She also got some speakers she can use to play her music in her room when she wants to dance and some High School Musical dolls.
Let’s see, she likes babies… This year she wanted a baby alive and a changing table for her babies. New dress up shoes and games were all just icing on the cake. (I think that as of this writing, the new baby alive has “peed” on every member of our family…)
He has been talking about getting a choo choo train for the last two months so he was pretty excited when he scored the train table and all the extra pieces. All we had to do was tear him away from his chocolate and candy canes to get him to actually open his presents…
Ummm… He didn’t really care about presents (which his siblings took advantage of to get to open a few more presents). He was pretty excited about his hammer table (look familiar to any of you Martineaus?).
Brad and Brigett
We are diligently saving our pennies so that we can replace our flooring. We took it easy on the gifts and went with cologne and perfume (cologne for me and perfume for Brigett in case anyone was wondering). Hopefully within the next couple of weeks we’ll have some new flooring to show off.We all had a blast this Christmas and we hope you did too. Here’s to a great new year.P.S. You can go see more of our Christmas pics by clicking on the picture below:
Christmas 2007