More family pics…

We took some family pics last week and we just got them back. You can check them out here:

Martineau Family

Peterson FHE

Thanks to everyone that showed up to the FHE last night. We had a blast having you over. I couldn’t get the camera out early enough to get pictures of everybody, but I did catch Sharilyn throwing down some mean drumming…

You cab lick below to see some more pics…

Peterson FHE

The Dance Stage

This will be a quick post, but a while back we built a dance stage in our girls’ bedroom and I haven’t got around to posting any pictures or anything… We are still planning to add a curtain that will go across the stage and a dance bar in front of the mirror but here is a picture of its current state…



Ummm…HDTVs are frickin’ awesome…

When Brigett and I got married 7 years ago, we got the usual cash from many of our friends and family. One of the things we spent that money on was a “huge” tv…to the tune of 27 whopping inches on the diagonal (and 25 inches from front to back). So for the last seven years we weathered the HDTV storm diligently (or stubbornly, depending on how you look at it). Many a movie (and many a Dora, Diego, Backyardigans, etc…) have been viewed on the trusty TV.
Here is the trusty old machine:

We had been talking recently about what kind/size of tv we would want to get and what type of wall unit we would get. We were thinking we would find something in the 47-50 inch range, since most of the wall units that would fit in our niche were built for tvs about that size. We were still kind of in the dreaming stage since we didn’t really have budget for it just yet (something about needing diapers and forumla…) or the stomach to drop the cash it would require. Well, thanks to circumstances that resulted in a larger than expected tax return, and moment of weakness (again, could be considered boldness or strength depending on who you ask) we made the leap.

Brigett found a wall unit at Razmatazz that literally fit perfectly into the niche in our house (there is about a 1 inch space on all sides). The only problem is that the opening in the wall unit was 61 inches wide, and a 47-50 inch tv would be about 45-48 inches wide. That would leave almost 8 inches on either side of the TV, which is completely unacceptable. As I pondered how I was to solve this crisis (okay, so really I hadn’t even had time to think about it) my brother called and told me he had a found a 61″ tv (55 inches wide) that I could get for a great deal through our company. Under normal conditions, budget and practicality considerations would have driven me to a smaller tv, but in this case, it would have been an injustice to put anything less than the 61″ tv into the wall unit (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).

Anyway, there is no moral of this story, but I do like my new tv.

Forgive the spots, our camera is having some issues…

We got a new floor

So, Brigett and I pulled the trigger on getting new flooring for our house. The eterni-carpet stains and peeling carpet that exposed carpet tacks finally pushed us over the edge. We found “a guy” through my brother and he quoted us a pretty dang good price and was able to get started quickly. The plan was to tear up the existing flooring on the Thursday after Christmas and then lay the new tile on Friday and Saturday and be done by that Sunday at the very latest. Well, it didn’t quite happen exactly as we planned, but after a few short stays away from home so the workers could finish, the flooring is all in.

We’re happy about how it all turned out. Now all we need to do is get some baseboards put up and we should be good to go.

Here are a couple of pictures…

Entry Way

Family Room