Come on Down Momma T!

So Momma T, my mother, has always had this goal to take all of her children to “The Price is Right” and oh yes, she finally did it!  We actually flew out the day of the latest CA Earthquake, July 29th (yeah nothing was going to stop us)!  We flew out that Tuesday only to wake up at 2:45am Wednesday morning to wait in line there at CBS Studios!  We literally waited from 4am until we walked into the taping at 12:45pm!  Yes, it was a long wait, but we met some interesting people and were able to make our very “unique” t-shirts (yes, we used sharpies)!  From the moment the Tieman Fam walked through the studio doors (I wish you all could have seen), all guards were down!!  Yes, even Melissa started bustin some moves!  No, we weren’t called up and didn’t win one of the six or so vehicles up for grabs, but we did get our moment with Drew.  He complimented my mom on how young she looked for having so many children and asked Adam a few questions about his career as a Firefighter/Paramedic.  I actually saw a whole different side of Drew I never thought existed.  He was awesome!  To say the least, we had an amazing time and I am so thankful to have had that time to spend with my mom and siblings.  Oh, if you want to see us in the crowd, right behind the bidders, our taping will be shown on Sept. 26th!

Thanks mom for an amazing time.  We love you.

Some Things Never Change (Love Ya Sis)
Some Things Never Change!

The Tieman Family (Dad needed to stay at home)
The Tieman Family (Missed you Dad)

Here we are in line at 4am!
Here we are in line at 4am

Showing off our T-Shirts
Showing off our T-Shirts (after a very exhausting day)

Watch Out World!

Maddie started the 1st Grade last Monday!  She loves her class and especially her teacher, Mrs. Horn!  She has so many great friends in her class!  I don’t think she’ll ever want to miss a day!

Peyton went back to Ms. Jodi’s today!  This is her second year with Ms. Jodi and she is so excited that she now gets to go four days instead of three.  She told me that she can’t go on Fridays because it is Sunday!  We love Ms. Peyton!

Who’s Your Suga-Daddy?

So I left the room for oh, 30 seconds and came back to this!!

What could I do but simply capture the moment?!

Finally Swimming!

Okay, so after six straight weeks of swim lessons for Koen, and four weeks for the girls, three of the four Martineau children are now swimming (Braden only thinks he can swim)!!  I can’t tell you how relieved I am!  Koen took his first two-week swim lesson from Ms. Heather and then all three kids went to Ms. Katie for the following four weeks!  I can’t say that having three swim lessons a day was fun for mom, but in the end all of the driving back and forth (thank goodness it was close) and sitting in the “way too hot” heat paid off!  Maddie is quite the swimmer.  She has mastered her butterfly, breast stroke and back stroke.  Now she just needs to teach mom how to swim!  Peyton, oh sweet Peyton!  She finally started closing her mouth and not swallowing all of the water.  The first week she went from throwing up in the pool, to getting out of the pool and doing it on the side!  What a sport!  Oh, but when she finally learned how to hold her breath and to get her rear in the air, she started moving and began swimming!  Koen, was also quite the swimmer!  He was the only one not crying in his class for the first week!  He loves the water and after many “Monkey Walks”, “Kabooms” and “Big Arms and Kicks”, he too is swimming!  Way to go Maddie, Peyton and Koen!

Peyton’s Dance Rehearsal

Peyton had a dance rehearsal and she got a little dance outfit that she was pretty excited about. Here are some pics as well as a video of her rehearsal. She’s a pretty cute kids if I do say so myself.

Well, I’ll get to the video a little later…the kids are calling…